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The Short film in the spotlight
from March 15 to 21

Short film is the art of telling a story and bringing out the magic. It is the power and the intensity of images and sounds. It is a source of inspiration, amazement and emotion for the viewer. It is an invitation to escape, to reflect, to discover new universes. All in just a few minutes ✨


From March 15 to 21, the Short Film Festival (La Fête du Court Métrage) celebrates the diversity and creativity of short cinema through more than 17000 public and free screenings throughout France and internationally. Screenings, workshops, meetings in schools, media centers, cinemas and hospitals : this week will be the opportunity for all cinema lovers to discover new talents, new looks and new voices. In the program ? More than 150 films for all generations!


Behind the Desktop VOD platform of the Short Film festival, there is noOp ! 💻 With all the love we have for cinema, we have developed an application that meets the specific needs of the Short Film festival : the creation of personalized playlists by the final user, the management of advanced networks to allow secure multimedia distribution even in institutional environments (schools, media centers, hospitals, etc.) and the downloading videos for offline viewing without interruptions or disturbances.

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