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An accessibility -oriented e-Pub reader application

Since 2015, noOp has actively collaborated in the R&D work devoted to the development of accessibility-oriented resources in the electronic book market under the leadership of EDRLab.

Our mission

Offer open source technology in response to restrictions on eBooks currently available on the market, which often exclude users with disabilities.

Develop an application ready to be downloaded by end users, under the EDRLab brand and endowed with a design specific to this brand as well as an open-source software development kit (toolkit), managing the processing of ebooks in EPUB format, and allowing anyone to develop a complete application according to their constraints and tastes.


Desktop logo


(Mac, PC, Linux)


Streaming / Downloading


Protection of EPUB content

Accessible functionalities


The cross-platform and open-source “Readium Desktop” development kit runs on PC, Mac or Linux and includes the following modules in particular:

  • The EPUB 3 publication including the audio layer that can be associated with the text of an ebook.

  • The display and navigation within a publication.

  • The representation and manipulation of an "OPDS flow"

  • LCP DRM management ​


All of these modules make it easy to develop an EPUB reader application, such as the Thorium application also developed by noOp on behalf of EDRLab.

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