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The INA TV app: an ultra-personalized interface and "à la carte" templates

Custodian of audiovisual archives, the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) plays a crucial role in preserving the collective and cultural memory of France. Its archives provide us with a unique historical and cultural window into the past through television shows, reports, films and audios.

Our mission

To facilitate access to this heritage, noOp is supporting INA in the development of a latest-generation and ultra-customisable generic TV application (Samsung).




(Mac, PC, Linux)


Streaming / Downloading


Ultra-customizable templates
Choice of block and metadata locations
Advanced catalog search page


noOp supports INA in optimizing its Samsung TV application. Developed using noOp's generic API and interfaced with VoD Factory's Otto CMS solution, the platform integrates an advanced and highly customizable template system that allows the definition of block placement and metadata by modular zones on movie and category pages. Furthermore, the catalog search page, much more advanced than a standard search page, enables users to search by genre and/or category.

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