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R&D is our engine, open source our DNA, innovation our obsession!

Since its creation in 2015, noOp has given a central place to research & innovation.

The structure of the company around 3 activity poles of service provision , software edition and R & D allows us to constantly stay in tune with customers and to systematically orient our work / projects towards their operational issues.

The Lab also supports the use innovation that feeds the product roadmaps of noOp Solutions.


Certified R&D actor


noOp is CII (Innovation Tax Credit) * approved and has JEI (Young Innovative Company) status .

* Expenses incurred in innovation operations, entrusted to noOp, entitle you to the Innovation tax credit (CII) up to 20% of total expenses. 


Application R&D

The R&D work carried out by noOp mainly concerns the experimental development of new products / technologies / services mainly carried out within the framework of calls for projects and / or consortia.


The Agile methodology used to develop R&D projects allows, thanks to its great flexibility, to adapt the R&D roadmap in order to offer products and services that are always innovative and in line with market needs.


Based on the work of the lab, our team has developed ten innovative multimedia content management services / applications, both in terms of use and in terms of UI / UX.

Innovative projects

For 6 years, noOp has been initiating or collaborating regularly in new R&D or Innovation projects centered on multimedia offer management tools, the accessibility of digital resources for people with disabilities, or more recently the VoD user experience. .

Innovative recommendation

Design of a mobile application prototype (smartphone & tablet) based on the Universciné catalog and integrating the Rumo solution 

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