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noOp félicite tous les récompensés des Césars

END CLAP 🎬 The members of the Academy have voted...

Friday, February 24, 2023 took place the 48th Cesar ceremony rewarding the best French film productions and professionals of the 7th art. 

They made us dream, laugh, cry, think. They transported us to imaginary worlds. They inspired us. They gave us a moment of escape from our everyday reality. Huge congratulations to the films and professionals who won the César! We can only salute the exceptional cinematographic quality of The Night of the 12th (elected best French film of the year),The Innocent (voted Best Original Screenplay) or Simone, The Journey of the Century (elected Best Sets & Costumes) as well as the talent of Dominik Moll, Benoît Magimel, Virginie Efira, and all the others rewarded. 

The 2023 César are nearly 5,000 members of the Académie des César who voted for the most remarkable artists and achievements. These are more than 600 eligible films, 54 nominated films and 21 awarded trophies. The era of DVDs? Gone. noOp and its partner Kinow were given the prestigious mission of developing a private and dematerialized screening room specially designed for members of the Academy.


Available on all devices (computer, smartphone, tablet and TV), the César platform offers members a simplified and secure viewing experience. The little extras? The "Note taking" feature that allows voters to comment on films watched, the display of a viewing confirmation icon, and the possibility for members to create personalized playlists.

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