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MVP recommandation innovante

Design of a mobile application prototype (smartphone & tablet) based on the Universciné catalog and integrating the Rumo by Spideo solution

The project

At a time when discoverability is a major issue in the face of the hyper-choice of online cultural content, noOp has joined forces with Rumo, the Saas recommendation solution for the creative industries, to explore new uses for VoD recommendation.

Based on the catalog of more than 8000 Universciné films, the objective is to renew the user experience in order to offer an efficient, fun and transparent customer journey.


The lines of research focus in particular on:

  • the semantic profile of the user and onboarding in several stages (progressive construction of the thematic profile of recognition made visible)

  • a section dedicated to recce built around 2 major personalized axes: 

    • “More of what I already like” vs. “Surprise me”

    • coupled with original statistical recommendations (eg: “Movies that no one likes”, “Movies that no one watches”, “Movies that only your friends love”, etc.) thus creating a large potential choice for this section dedicated

  • the control left to the user over the lists submitted to him on his personalized home page

  • control over the history of user interactions with content

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