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A next-generation TV application
powered by WOMBA

Médiathèque Numérique is an online cinema platform published by ARTE and UniversCiné. It is designed for public libraries, universities and works councils. Its aim is to enable the public in these establishments to benefit from a 100% free, legal video-on-demand offer. 

With almost 9,000 films to date, the platform reflects the full diversity of cinema via an exclusive catalog, carefully selected by ARTE and UniversCiné. The service is now available to more than 500,000 users, through nearly 7,000 reading points and businesses in France.

Médiathèque Numérique is part of the ARTE Médiathèque service, the ARTE channel's cultural and digital package designed for libraries, universities, works councils and their users.

Our mission

At the start of the 2023 academic year, ARTE France Développement has chosen WOMBA powered by noOp to bring its VoD offering for public libraries, universities and works councils to TV sets.


The challenge: to diversify the distribution channels for the Digital Media Library service by offering users a personalized, optimized experience on every device. The noOp teams met ARTE France Développement's expectations by adapting the generic Womba solution to the specific features of the institutional service operated by the channel, enabling it to take a major step forward in its distribution strategy. Media library members who have subscribed to the service can now view their programs on TV screens (Google TV and Apple TV).




(Android TV / Apple TV)




  • Simplified authentication through pairing with another device via a unique code or QR Code

  • Customizable page templates via our generic API

  • Catalog management: filtered search (by category, genre, etc.) on the catalog page

  • Sub-menu management: possibility of integrating sub-menus for each navigation entry


For this project, the ARTE France Développement teams chose to integrate the generic WOMBA API into their Information System, in order to control the functional parameterization and customization of their TV app from their CMS.

To meet the service's specifications, a series of specific developments were carried out by noOp's teams, including: simplified authentication, advanced customization of page templates, catalog management and the possibility of integrating sub-menus for each navigation entry.

The aim of all these features is to make the user experience more fluid and optimize the viewing experience.

Discover the ARTE service for public, university and corporate libraries:

Discover the Médiathèque Numérique video-on-demand platform:

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