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5 good reasons to develop your 
VOD application on TV and Smart TV

The viewing of video content has evolved significantly over the past few years, moving from traditional linear television to streaming video over the Internet. However, consumers have not abandoned their television screens. On the contrary, with the advent of connected TV, more and more of them are opting for a viewing experience of their favorite OTT video content on the big screen. The TV is therefore today one of the essential devices for the distribution of streaming video content.


Whether you are a emergent  or already established content editor videos , and whatever your sector of activity (audiovisual & cinema, sport, education, corporate…), the development of a TV application is no longer an option. Discover the 5 good reasons to develop your VOD application on TV and Smart TV…

1. Why are OTT apps the future of TV? 

Are you wondering about the potential of a TV application to broadcast your video catalog? The figures speak for themselves: the viewing of streaming video content on connected TVs is experiencing an unprecedented boom. According to the study by Grand View Research, the global market for Smart TVs is expected to reach $293.6 billion by 2025, with a growth rate (CAGR) of 20.4% between 2020 and 2027! The French market does not shrink from this mode of distribution: 89% of French Internet users say they have already watched video content on connected TV. But it is on the other side of the Atlantic that we can really see the explosion of this trend: widely preferred by users for the scope and variety of its offer and for its flexibility, streaming replaces progressively linear TV in the United States. Slowly but surely, France is following the trend…

2. Improve the user experience of your platform

In France, 28% of Smart TV users favor this device for quality of user experience that he offers. Among all the digital devices used on a daily basis, the TV is the one with the largest screen. By developing your VOD service on TV, you guarantee a immersive experience to your users and you allow viewing by several people, with family or friends. In addition, TVs and Smart TVs are usually equipped with advanced display technologies, such as 4K resolution and HDR technology, which offer a superior image quality. Likewise, the audio experience is enhanced thanks to the high quality speakers built into the TVs and Smart TVs.

By integrating the features of your choice on your TV application, you offer your users the possibility of navigate easily and intuitively through the different sections of the application. Do you want to reduce the connection time to your platform as much as possible? Allow connection by QR Code. Facilitate the search for content? Integrate advanced search features such as InApp keyboard and voice search. Allow inApp payment? Offer different means of payment such as prepayment or payment by credit card. Create a dynamic and ergonomic home page? Integrate a content preview feature…

3. A monetization method adapted to your VOD service

Developing your VOD application on TV also means enabling monetization of your content in multiple ways. It is up to you to choose the method that best suits your service and your strategy. Monetization methods include Free VOD (free distribution of your content), SVOD (weekly, monthly or annual subscription), TVOD (unit purchase or rental of video content), AVOD (free VOD financed by advertising) and the replay.


If the Covid-19 pandemic has propelled the SVOD into a true locomotive of VoD in recent years, the AVOD is currently experiencing growth that cannot be ignored. It stands out in particular against linear television: in France, 94% of users prefer the advertising experience on Smart TV compared to linear television. His advantages ? Less frequent and repetitive ads, often related to the content being watched, and the ability to skip certain ads.


AVOD includes a new form of streaming TV channel that offers a free and ad-supported video content: FAST TV (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV). Unlike paid video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, FAST TV services do not charge users to access the content: they finance their offering by showing advertisements while the video content is playing. This model is now integrated into the habits of consumers in the United States, and its development in Europe and France is more than promising… Ready to seize the opportunity?

4. A multi-device compatible TV app

TV, mobile or web application: why make a choice? Develop a TV app compatible with all other devices (tablets, smartphones and computers)! Thus, you allow your users to watch their favorite content from any device, resume playing a video on another device, synchronize their playlist and favorites, etc. As publishers, you can also choose to offer users exclusive content, available only on TV.

Each content publisher has different needs and pace of development. Developing your platform on all devices at once? It's entirely possible.  But you can also choose to first develop your application on TV only, then secondly to develop new VoD distribution channels (mobile, tablet, computer). The advantages of multi-stage development: reducing risk and attracting new audiences.

5. Customization in your colors

As a content publisher, creating a consistent brand experience for your users is essential, regardless of the distribution or communication channel. To be instantly recognizable on all large screens, customize your TV application to your colors and according to your visual identity! From the logo to the background colors, through the graphic elements, the functionalities or even the navigation options, today's VOD software solutions offer you the possibility of offering an immersive and unique experience to your users. And no... "customization" does not (or no longer) rhyme with "technical skills"! You can customize your TV app in just a few clicks and hours. Are we showing you?

The Womba Galaxy powered by noOp accompanies you in the development of a customizable TV application in your colors, meeting your needs and compatible with multiple devices. The administration console AppBuilder and its preview tool designed by noOp allows you to easily customize all the ergonomic, functional and design elements of your application, and to visualize in real time the look & feel of your OTT platform. A demo? It is by here.

What's next? The Womba Galaxy roadmap is constantly evolving and will soon include two new features: the ability to program your interface design in advance for a given period or for upcoming marketing events (such as Mother's Day) and the import of these configuration parameters from one device to another (from mobile to TV for example).

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